Part 2: Components

Our final goal is to create something like this:

Step 1: component separation

Rename the root component into hostel-list and create a sub component hostel-list-item. The hostel-list should pass to his children an hostel property which contain an hostel object.


  • To rename the root component, you can use the property name
      var app = new Vue({
        el: '#app',
        name: 'hostelList',
        // ...
  • You can use the following structure for your component
    Vue.component('hostel-list-item', {
      template: `
        <div class="card">
          <!-- component body here! -->
      props: ['hostel']

Step 2: create a like feature

Create a like feature. When a user like an hostel, he can click to the heart icon. Then the hostel-list-item should raise an event to his parent. The parent component have to store the liked hostels.


  • HTML template for like icon
    <i class="heart icon"></i>
    <i class="red heart icon"></i>
  • You can emit an event like this
    <i class="heart icon" @click="$emit('like', hostel)"></i>
  • To listen an event from a parent, use the v-on
      v-for="hostelShown in hostelsShown"
  • and then, create the likeHostel() function in the parent component
    const app = new Vue({
    el: '#app',
    name: 'hostelList',
    // ...
    methods: {
      likeHostel (hostel) {
        if (this.likedHostels.indexOf(hostel) === -1) {
        } else {
          this.likedHostels.splice(this.likedHostels.indexOf(hostel), 1)

Step 3: create a filter 'liked hostels'

Allow user to list only the liked hostels. The key here is to update the hostelsShown computed propety.


  • You can use the following HTML code for the form
    <form class="ui form">
      <div class="inline fields">
        <div class="one wide field">
          <i :class="onlyShowLiked ? 'red' : 'grey'" class="heart icon" @click="toogleLikeFilter" title="Only show liked hostels"></i>
        <div class="fifteen wide field">
          <input type="text" placeholder="filter by name" v-model="userSearch">
  • You can update the hostelsShown code like the following (don't forget to add and initiate the onlyShowLiked value in data)

    hostelsShown () {
      const likeFilter = (hostel) => {
        if (this.onlyShowLiked) {
          return this.likedHostels.indexOf(hostel) !== -1
        return true
      return this.hostels
        .filter(hostel =>

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