Part 1: Playing with Vue.js syntax

Step 1: print a single question

You should be able to see a first question.

  • bind each values to the DOM:
    • For text data binding, use the curly braces (aka mustaches) syntax {{ }}
    • We can also put expression inside Mustaches like the following {{ new Date(*1000).toLocaleDateString() }}
    • Mustaches cannot be used inside HTML attributes. Instead use a v-bind directive: v-bind:href="obj.mylink" or the shorthand: :href="obj.mylink"
    • Only show the view answer button if is_answered is set to true (use v-if)
    • to print tags, you have to use v-for

Step 2: print a list of questions

Once everything is set, use the second dataset as datas (multiple instead of single)

import questions from '../api/stackoverflow-search-multiple.json'
// ...
data () {
  return {
    questions: questions.items

You should use the v-for directive to loop the questions.



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